Employee Benefit Plan

The Colorado Higher Education Insurance Benefits Alliance
Trust (CHEIBA Trust) and the CHEIBA Trust Members are
pleased to announce your Employee benefit choices
effective for 2017. The information in this booklet provides a
comprehensive overview of your benefits package to help
you in making the choices that best meet your individual and
family needs.

Please read the benefit summaries carefully before completing your Election Forms. There have been additions
and changes to your benefits for the 2017 plan year. If you have questions or concerns, phone numbers and
website addresses are included for your convenience.

As an additional resource to this booklet, please also visit the CHEIBA Trust
member webpage ( to find more detailed plan
summaries, forms, contacts and much more. We encourage you to become
familiar with and use the resources offered through the web portal.
Login: cheiba
Password: benefits

Authority of the CHEIBA Trust Committee
The CHEIBA Trust Committee has the sole and absolute discretion to interpret the terms of a Plan and determine the right of any
Participant to receive benefits under a CHEIBA Trust Plan. The right of any Participant to receive benefits under a fully insured
benefit plan shall be determined by the insurance company pursuant to the terms of its insurance contract and certificate of
insurance. The CHEIBA Trust Committee’s decision is final, conclusive and binding upon all parties.

Disclaimer: These benefits are designed to meet your individual needs and preferences. While we expect to offer these benefits in future years, the
CHEIBA Trust retains the right to discontinue or change the benefits at any time. Changes will be communicated, in writing, to all benefit-eligible

In preparing these written materials, every attempt has been made to convey accurate information. The materials provide a summary of your benefits to
be used as reference throughout the plan year. In the event of a discrepancy between the information contained herein and the Trust Agreement, a plan
document or certificate of insurance under which a specific benefit or insurance is provided, the terms of the plan document or certificate of insurance
shall take precedence over this booklet and shall prevail in settling any disputes or claims that may arise. If errors or discrepancies are found, contact
your Human Resources/Benefits Office for the official plan document.