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My Health. My Choice!

Do you know where to go if you have a minor injury or il ness such as a sprain, smal cut
or earache? You may not need to visit the emergency room (ER), which can lead to higher
costs and long waits. The ER can cost from $100 to $250 in copays and other fees, while
ER alternatives only charge $10 to $40 per visit.* An ER visit can also take longer because
doctors have to rank the most urgent, life-threatening cases first. There are other choices
where you could see doctors more quickly. Instead of an ER, you could go to:
Urgent care centers — Staffed by doctors who treat health problems that should
be looked at right away but aren’t as serious as emergencies. Doctors can often do
X-rays, lab tests and stitches.
Retail health clinics — Staffed by health care experts who give basic health care
services to walk-in patients. Most often, these clinics are found in a major
pharmacy or retail store.
What to know before you go to the newest option:
freestanding ERs
These are rapidly being built and look a lot like urgent care centers:
In many cases, freestanding ERs are owned by a hospital and are an extension of
that hospital’s ER. That means your cost shares could be the same as if you went
to the hospital’s actual ER.
A freestanding ER that isn’t joined with a hospital may charge rates that are double
or triple what’s charged at urgent care centers.
Be aware that your cost share wil likely be the same as if you had been seen at a hospital
ER, and in many cases you may not know those costs until you get your Explanation of
Benefits (EOB).
Always remember, if it’s a true emergency that’s life-threatening or disabling, call
911 or go to an emergency room.
Know where to go
Call 24/7 NurseLine
Don't wait until you're sick or injured to
Not sure what care is best for you? Our
locate a clinic or urgent care doctor. If it’s
qualified registered nurses can help. Get
not a true emergency, use this list to help
more information here. There's also a
find the closest clinic or urgent care.
helpful video.
Get the list
Watch the video
Get the most from your Anthem benefits
This is where you can find out about the many health care resources available to you from
* Average health plan copays. For many members, deductibles and coinsurance may apply, which can make an even
greater difference in the cost between an emergency room and alternate site of care.
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