Getting over an illness can take days.
Getting a shot to help prevent it
takes just minutes.
Save time by getting a shot at the pharmacy
You decide where to go and when
Did you know you can get a pharmacist administered
Just go to a pharmacy that’s part of the program and
vaccine shot at a participating pharmacy in our
offers shots. You can find one close to home or work.
Pharmacy Immunization Program? It’s quick and easy.
Check the included list, or call a pharmacy to make
Most pharmacies are open longer hours than your
sure it’s in the program.
doctor’s office. And you don’t need a prescription or
an appointment. Just show up at the pharmacy. After
You don’t need to make an appointment or fit the visit
all, you may already be going to your pharmacy to pick
into your doctor’s schedule. Just pick a time that
up a prescription.
works for you. Many of them are open after hours and
on weekends.
Get protected with a vaccine before you
get sick
No prescription needed from your doctor
Vaccines like a flu shot help your body fight disease
Just show your member ID card at the pharmacy.
if you’re exposed to viruses. If you haven’t had a vaccine
You have the same coverage for when you get a shot at
before, talk to your doctor first to see if you should
your doctor’s office.
get one.
Pharmacies in our Pharmacy Immunization Program

may give you vaccines for these illnesses:
Have a question or want to learn more
Flu – Protects against different strains of the flu.
about vaccines?
Don’t worry, the flu shot can’t give you the flu. It helps
your body fight the flu if you’re exposed to the virus.1
If you want to check your coverage, call Customer
Service at the number on your ID card. To find
Pneumonia – Prevents pneumococcal disease
out more about vaccines, go to the Centers for
caused by bacteria. These bacteria can cause
Disease Control and Prevention’s website at
serious health problems such as pneumonia, blood
infections and meningitis. And the bacteria can
spread from one person to another by close contact.2
Shingles – Helps prevent shingles. This is a painful
skin rash, often with blisters. It’s caused by the
varicella zoster virus, which causes chickenpox and
can appear years later as shingles.3
36026ANMENABS Rev. 09/14

Pharmacies in the immunization program
Independent and regional pharmacies may not be listed below.
ood Neighbor Pharmacy

Ahold/Giant Food Stores
H.E. Butt Grocery Company
Save Mart Supermarkets

Al bertsons
H annaford Bros. Co.
Schnucks Markets

AM Pharmacy Networks Solutions
Harris Teeter
Shopko Stores

A merican Associated Druggists
H y-Vee Food Stores
Strategic Health Alliance/
ssociated Druggist/United
In dependent
McKesson/Health Mart

Aurora Pharmacy
Ingles Markets
SuperValu Pharmacies


artell Drug Company
Ki nney Drugs

Brookshire Grocery Co.

Cardinal Health
USA Drug

C ostco
M arsh Drugs
Wakefern Food Corporation

Medicine Shoppe

ept. of Veterans Affairs
M eijer Pharmacy
Di erbergs
N ortheast Pharmacy Services
Wegmans Food Markets

Discount Drug Mart
Price Chopper Pharmacy
Weis Markets

rug World Pharmacies
ublix Super Markets

Epic Pharmacy Network

F amily Care Networks
Ri te Aid
Fr ed's
Ri tzman Pharmacies

Giant Eagle Pharmacy
Roundy’s Supermarkets

Note: The Pharmacy Immunization Program may vary depending on your benefits, including your cost share. Not all plans cover immunizations under pharmacy benefits. Check your certificate of coverage for more details.

1 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Possible Side-effects from Vaccines (August 2012)

2 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (February 2013):

3 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Shingles (Herpes Zoster) Vaccination (January 2011):
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