Financial and Food Assistance

1. 2-1-1: Often times, people don’t know where to go for help … or that help is available.
People don’t know, for example, that emergency food and shelter assistance is available;
child care is accessible for low and middle income families; after-school programs offer a
safe place for youths; and more. 2-1-1 is your community solution. This three-digit
number is easy-to-remember and provides a direct link to non-emergency help for health
and human services. For emergency calls, people should still call 911.

2. The Working Together Foundation is a non-profit foundation established in 1992 that
awards grants to state employees and retirees for such things as unexpected injuries,
accidents or death, uninsured medical emergencies, and other crises: 303-831-8645, or
visit Working Together Motto: “State Employees Helping State

3. Food Bank of the Rockies’ main programs are Fighting Hunger Feeding Hope, FBR’s
Nutrition Network, Denver’s Table Food Rescue, and Government-Subsidized Food
Programs : 303-371-9250 or 877-460-8504, or visit:

4. Catholic Charities: 303-742-0828 or visit:

5. The following link will take you to, where you can search a public
database of more than 1,000 government benefits, including the Emergency Food
Assistance Program, and view customized benefit lists that include program contact
For additional information, email or call 1-800-FED-INFO (1-800-
333-4636) Monday - Friday, 8:00am-8:00pm Eastern Time.
6. The Colorado State Employee Assistance Program (C-SEAP) is available statewide for
free and confidential counseling, grocery store food cards, emergency financial
assistance, and referrals to community resources: 303-866-4314 or 1-800-821-8154, or
visit All state
employees are eligible for C-SEAP assistance.

7. The Credit Union of Colorado offers members and their families unlimited access to free
financial education and counseling services through Accel Members Financial
Counseling. The Accel program provides unbiased information and assistance to help
members find solutions to achieve their financial goals. The program assists with
personal and family budgeting; credit report reviews; money management; debt
repayment; and avoiding bankruptcy, foreclosure and repossession. To take advantage
of this service, contact Credit Union of Colorado to establish your membership by
opening a savings account with a minimum deposit of $25.

8. Metro CareRing provides food, personal care items, utilities assistance, and other
services: 303-860-7200, or visit:

9. According to statistics, only one in five Colorado ninth-graders will earn a college degree,
so the state has developed initiatives to make college more accessible. Visit the CDHE’s
College Invest Division for expert advice, scholarship information, and planning tools:, 1-800-448-2424. Or, try College In Colorado:, 720-264-8560.

10. National Foundation for Credit Counseling: or 1-800-388-2227

11. LEAP is a federally funded program administered by the Colorado Department of Human
Services (CDHS) and is designed to assist with your winter heating costs. The LEAP
Program eligibility period runs from November 1st through April 30th: Call HEAT HELP
at 1-866-432-8435, or visit

12. Foreclosure Hotline has received more than 60,000 calls and assisted more than 10,000
homeowners reach a positive resolution. To meet with a housing counselor for FREE,
call 1-877-601-HOPE, or visit

13. The goal of SHARE is to help families save about 50% on their groceries, while
encouraging the building of relationships with their neighbors in the community. There are
no qualifications...if you eat, you qualify. 1-800-933-7427 or visit

14. Angel Food Ministries: With a heart to help others and a generous spirit, Joe and Linda
Wingo founded Angel Food Ministries in 1994 to provide food for friends and neighbors
who were struggling financially. Today the Angel Food program is helping provide food
relief to more than 500,000 families each month: 1-877-FOOD-MINISTRY (1-877-366-

For additional information about these resources, please contact the Colorado State
Employee Assistance Program (C-SEAP) at 303-866-4314 or 1-800-821-8154.