Information for Adjunct Faculty and other Temporary Salaried Faculty
What Coverage may I qualify for?
Starting January 1, 2015, in order to comply with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care
Act Mines will offer temporary faculty members and their qualified dependents meeting
certain criteria the opportunity to enroll in employer-sponsored medical and dental insurance
through Mines.
How do I qualify?
Temporary Salaried Faculty: Your appointment must be at least 75% effort (30 hours
per week/130 hours per month)
Adjunct Faculty: You must be teaching 9 credit hours (75% effort) or more during the
fall and/or spring semester or 4.2 credit hours during the summer
• If you wish to enrol your dependents your dependents must the meet the criteria as
outlined in the General Information Section of the Benefits book
What coverage is offered?
• Mines currently offers four different medical plans and two different dental plans.
Detailed information on the plans is contained in the Benefits Book on the Mines
Employee Benefits website.
• You must be enrol ed in both medical and dental insurance per our contract with
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
When is coverage effective?
• Generally your coverage will go into effect on the 1st of the month following the
completion of a 60-day waiting period which starts on your date of hire
• If you are a rehire and experienced a break in service but it is less than 26 weeks,
your coverage will be effective the 1st of the month following your rehire date
• If you are a rehire and have had a break in service of more than 26 weeks, you will be
subject to the normal waiting period before coverage becomes effective
When does coverage end?
• At the end of the month in which your appointment ends or, if your appointment drops
below 75% effort
• If you fail to pay premiums in a timely manner

Can I continue coverage if I am no longer eligible due to my job assignment ending or my
percent of effort drops below 75%?
• Yes, you can continue medical and dental coverage through COBRA. A notice wil
automatically be issued to you should you become ineligible for Mines coverage. Please
be aware that COBRA participants must pay both the employee and employer
contributions (i.e. total cost of coverage) plus a 2% administrative fee. COBRA coverage
lasts between 18 and 36 months. More information on COBRA is available in Benefits
How much does it cost?
• Please see the Rate Sheet on the Mines Employee Benefits web page
• Mines employee-sponsored coverage has rates based on four tiers. The tiers are
employee only, employee plus spouse, employee plus children, and family
• Premiums are deducted from pay on a monthly post-tax basis
How do I enrol ?
• Complete the Anthem Enrollment/Change Form available on the Mines Employee
Benefits web page. The form is due in the Human Resources Office no later than the
start date of coverage or 31 days after the hire/rehire late whichever is later.
• Documentation verifying dependent status must be provided with the enrollment form
if dependents are enrolled. Documentation requirements are available on the Mines
Employee Benefits web page
Can I make changes in coverage?
• Yes, you can add, drop, change coverage, or add or dependents during the annual
open enrollment period which is normally in November for coverage starting January 1
the following year. You can also add or drop coverage, and add or drop dependents if
you experience a qualifying event such as birth, marriage, or divorce as outlined in the
Benefits Book.
If I don’t want to enroll in employer-sponsored coverage do I need to do anything?
• Yes, if you do not wish to enroll in Mines employer-sponsored health coverage we will
ask you to complete a Declination of Coverage Form available on the Mines Employee
Benefits web page.
What about the Health Insurance Marketplace (Connect for Health Colorado)?
• Most individuals are eligible to purchase coverage through the Marketplace. Special
eligibility requirements may apply outside of the annual open enrollment period.
Individuals may be eligible for premium subsidies depending on individual and family
circumstances. This offer is considered an offer of qualified coverage and may negate

an employee’s ability to obtain a premium subsidy from the Marketplace. Individuals
purchasing coverage through the exchange wil not be eligible for a contribution toward
that coverage by Mines.
• For details contact Connect for Health Colorado
Now I am really confused. Can you give me some examples?
Example 1: Adjunct Professor A is a new hire and starts employment at Mines on August 25th
teaching 9 credit hours (75% effort). The 60-day waiting period starts on August 25 and runs
through October 23. Coverage would start November 1 (1st of the month following the 60-day
waiting period). Professor A turns in an enrol ment form by the due date of November 1 and
medical and dental coverage start on November 1. Professor A’s assignment ends on
December 12 (graduation) so coverage ends on December 31. Adjunct Professor A restarts
employment on January 6. Since there is not a 26-week break in service Professor A is eligible
for coverage starting on February 1st (1st of the month fol owing the rehire date). If Professor A
enrolls in coverage effective February 1 and the spring semester assignment ends May 10
(graduation) coverage would end May 31.
Example 2: Adjunct Professor B is a new hire only teaching during the spring semester.
Professor B starts teaching 12 credit hours (100% effort) on January 5th. The 60-day waiting
period starts on January 5 and runs through March 5. The coverage effective date would be
April 1. Professor B enrolls by the April 1 deadline and coverage starts April 1. Professor B’s
assignment ends May 14 (graduation) and coverage ends on May 31. Professor B is rehired and
starts teaching 12 credit hours again the following January 6th. Since a break in service of more
than 26 weeks has occurred Professor B will be subject to the regular 60-day waiting period
before being eligible to enroll.
Example 3: Salaried Temporary Faculty Member C is hired on June 15th at 100% effort for a one
year assignment. Faculty Member C’s 60 day waiting period runs from June 15 through August
14. Faculty member C enrolls in coverage effective September 1. On January 15 Faculty
Member C’s percentage of effort drops to 60%. Faculty Member C is no longer eligible for
coverage and coverage ends January 31.
Example 4: Salaried Temporary Researcher D is hired for a six month appointment at 100%
effort on May 1. On June 1 Researcher D’s percentage of effort drops to 50% effort.
Researcher D has not completed the 60-day waiting period and is not eligible for coverage.