Research Hourly and Temporary Faculty Hourly
• An average of 30 or more hours worked per week measured over the employee’s
applicable one year measurement period. Please see Research Hourly and Temporary
Hourly Faculty FAQs
• Employee must enroll in both a medical and dental plan
• Coverage is available for qualified dependents of the employee including a spouse,
child(ren), civil union partner, child(ren) of civil union partners, or common-law
Effective Date
• The first of the month following a 31-day administrative
Termination of Coverage
• At the end of the one year stability period if the employee does not qualify during the
next measurement period
• If employment is terminated
• For other provisions please see the General Information Section in the 2018 Benefits
• Please see the 2018 Rate Sheet
• All premiums are deducted on a post-tax basis
• Premiums will be deducted monthly
Enrol ment
• An Anthem Enrollment/Change Form or a Declination of Coverage Form must be
submitted to the Human Resources Office no later than the effective date of coverage
• Required dependent verification documents must be submitted by the enrol ment
deadline. Requirements are outlined in the General Section of the 2018 Benefits Book