As a Graduate Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant receiving a fel owship through the Colorado
School of Mines starting in January 2015, you will have a choice regarding your medical insurance. Due
to provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act the School of Mines will be required to
offer you and your qualified dependents coverage under an employer-sponsored plan. The Student
Health Insurance Plan is not considered an employer-sponsored plan although the Student Health
Insurance plan will still remain an option for you.
As of January 2015, all Graduate Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants will be offered fully paid
individual student coverage through the Student Health Insurance Plan. You wil also be offered medical
and dental coverage under a plan through the School of Mines. If you chose to be insured through the
Mines plans you wil be charged a monthly premium as outlined in the 2016 Rate Sheet. Enrol ment in
the employer sponsored plan is optional and coverage may be declined.
Student Health Insurance Plan
• Mines will pay 100% of the cost for Student coverage ($1,7400 annual)
• Annual coverage runs from 08/17/16 through 08/20/17
CHEIBA Trust Plan
• Plan information and enrollment forms are available on the Mines Employee Benefits web page
• For new hires coverage generally begins the first of the month following a 60-day waiting period
which begins on the start date of your job assignment
• Coverage ends on the last day of the month in which your job assignment ends, your percentage
of effort falls below 50%, or you fail to pay a premium. For more details please see the 2018
benefits book
• If you incur a break in service of less than 26 weeks you will not be subject to a new waiting
period if you decide to enroll in coverage upon rehire. Coverage will be effective the first of the
month fol owing the start your new job assignment
• You and your qualified dependents, if applicable, must enroll in both medical and dental
coverage per our contract with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
• All premiums will be deducted monthly from your pay on a post-tax basis
• Coverage is based on four premium tiers, employee only, employee plus spouse, employee plus
children, and family
• Example (Mines Employer Coverage): Student A’s job assignments starts January 7. The waiting
period would end 60 days later on March 7. Coverage would then be effective the 1st of the
month fol owing the waiting period which would be April 1. Student A would need to enroll no
later than April 1
• Example (Mines Employer Coverage): Student B’s hire date is September 1. The waiting period
would end 60 days later on October 31. Coverage would be effective the first of the month
following the end of the waiting period, or in this case November 1. Student B enrolls in
coverage by November 1. Student B decides to take the summer off and her contract ends May
31. Since employment has ended insurance coverage would also end on May 31. If Student B

returned for the fall semester since the break in service was less than 26 weeks coverage would
begin on October 1 if Student B reenrol ed.
• Enrol ment forms are due in the Human Resources Office no later than the effective date of
coverage or within 31 days of the hire/rehire date whichever is later
• Please see eligibility requirements posted on the benefits webpage
Continuing Coverage
• In the event your coverage through the CHEIBA Trust ends you may have the option to continue
your coverage through COBRA. COBRA coverage normally lasts between 18 and 36 months.
Please be aware that you must pay both the employee and employer contributions plus a 2%
administrative fee. More information on continuing coverage through COBRA is available in the
Employee Benefits Book. For a COBRA rate sheet please contact the Benefits Office
Comparing Plans
• Plan information for the two employer sponsored plans is available in the Benefits Book posted
on the Employee Benefits web page. Information for the Student Health Insurance Plan is
available on the SHIP web page. Both employer-sponsored plans the Student Health Insurance
plans have an actuarial rating above 90. This means that for every one dollar spent on medical
services the plan pays 90 cents or more. This is equivalent or better than a Platinum plan on the
health insurance exchange/marketplace
Other Options
• Some graduate students may have medical coverage through another source including but not
limited to parents, spouse, or the healthcare marketplace. Students are welcome to keep these
plans in place. There is no obligation to enroll in the employer-sponsored plan and coverage
may be declined. Mines coverage is considered qualified and may negate an employee’s ability
to obtain a premium subsidy through the healthcare marketplace. Please contact Connect for
Colorado for information regarding the healthcare marketplace