For Spring 2018, Graduate RA/TA forms are due on 01/02/2018 for uninterrupted pay. All other
graduate and undergraduate hourly student forms are due on or before the student’s start date. Please
indicate the actual date that a student begins work and not the first day of the semester.
Undergraduate Employment Authorizations for students being paid out of departmental funds can be
found at
0Contract%20Excel.xls . Please use this form as it is the most up-to-date. Students being paid out of
Colorado or Federal Work Study must print their form from their web-for-student account or see the
Financial Aid Office. Please email forms to or send to Payroll for
Graduate RA, TA and Hourly Excel Spreadsheets need to be sent electronicaly to for processing. The actual “signed” Graduate Student Agreement needs
to reside with the department with a PDF copy sent to Graduate
Contracts have been revised and can be found at the fol owing link:
Special Notes
Effective 7/1/2011, Backgrounds Checks are a condition of employment for the following
students. A Background Check MUST be completed BEFORE employment begins! Backgrounds
can now be entered online at the fol owing new link:
• Al new hire Graduate Students (working for the first time on the CSM campus or
graduating as an undergraduate and becoming a new graduate)
• All new hire Undergraduate Students employed in Athletics Camps, Bursar’s/Cashier’s
Office, HR, Legal Services, Payroll, Public Safety, Registrar, Residence Life, Museum, America
Reads, employment that involves operating a motor vehicle, or working with minors.
If a student has never worked on the CSM campus, they wil need to complete a “Student
Employment Packet”. Packets can be printed on-line at
et%20amended%2001_03_2018.pdf or picked up in the HR Office. We must receive this packet
BEFORE the student starts employment. Once the student completes the required paperwork,
he/she wil receive an orange quarter sheet verifying that they can begin working. Please ask to see
an orange sheet if the student is a new hire to CSM.