Hello, PageUp Hiring Managers!
Following are some tips, as well as new information, to help you make the most of your PageUp
experience and better assist your department and search committees:
Applicant Status Changes
I would like to bring to your attention the importance of moving candidates through the various statuses
in PageUp. In some cases, all applicants are being left in “New” status until an offer is made; that’s not
the way the system is designed to work. The reason for status changes is two-fold:

1. Status changes are usually accompanied by an email to the applicant. One of the goals of the
Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is to provide a better applicant experience that includes timely
communication. When it has been determined, through pass/fail, committee review or phone
interview, that a candidate will not be moving forward, the Hiring Manager should quickly move
them to an “unsuccessful” status which will trigger an email to them.

2. Status changes are also critical to our required federal record keeping. HR must report on what
recruitment stages each applicant advanced to. Therefore, all applicants need to be moved
from “new” as follows:

• Pass/Fail Unsuccessful (if this step is used)
• Committee Review Unsuccessful
• Telephone Interview Event Booking (fol owed by accepted, declined, or unsuccessful) (if
this step is used)
• Campus Interview Event Booking (fol owed by accepted ,declined or unsuccessful)
Even if you are not using PageUp to create “events” and even if you wish to send your own emails to
candidates, applicants must stil be moved through the various recruitment steps. It is permissible to
keep a smal number of applicants in a status such as “new” or “telephone interview accepted” in case
you need to move them forward later, but this should be limited to candidates stil under consideration
for hire.
At the end of the search process, al candidates should be moved to a final status – either an
unsuccessful step, Withdrawn, or Offer. You should never use the status of “Removed; that is for HR
use only.
It is also important to change the status of the job appropriately, when prompted in PageUp. For
certain status changes ( i.e. Phone or Campus Interview Event Booking or Formal Offer Made), at the
bottom of the applicant card, as the final step before you click “Move now,” you may be asked to
update the job status by clicking yes or no. For example: Update Job Status from Update Job Status
from Approved to Interviewing? or Update Job Status from Interviewing to Offer? This allows HR,
Academic Affairs and hiring departments to know what stage the search has reached (another
advantage of the ATS!).
Document Uploads
A new document type – Approval Email - has been added to the dropdown list for “Documents” on the
Job Requisition. All new requisitions now require Kirsten’s approval and this is the place to attach that
approval email.

Also, a reminder that the scoring/ranking report which the Chairs run must be saved into an
Excel spreadsheet outside of PageUp and attached as a document. Once applicant statuses are
changed from “new,” the data changes and this score sheet is critical to our required
recordkeeping! Either the Chair or the Hiring Manager has to ability to attach documents; the
committee members do not. As a Hiring Manager, you should be working with the Chair to ensure that
interview questions, notes, correspondence to applicants sent outside of Page Up, recommendation
memos/emails, etc. are attached to the requisition.
Flow Chart
Attached to this email is a PageUp Process Flowchart which provides an overview of the search process
from Position Description (PD) to Requisition to Offer and Onboarding. We hope you will find this useful
in understanding the big picture of hiring.
Checklist for Chairs
Also attached is a Checklist for Search Chairs which outlines the steps they need to complete in order to
conduct and the complete a search. This has been distributed to all current committee chairs. Please
share both of these documents with anyone else who may benefit.
We recently learned that candidates must book their telephone or campus interview time slot no later
than 24 hours prior to the event or they wil not have access to do so.
Thanks for all your work and your willingness to use this new system. As always, we welcome your
feedback, comments, questions, training needs, etc.

Deb Wernli
Employment Manager
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
1500 Illinois Street
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: 303-273-3494
Fax: 303-384-2025
E-mail: dwernli@mines.edu