Hello PageUp Users!
The purpose of this email is to provide instruction on the offer stage of the hiring process in
PageUp. There have been some common errors which we would like to address.

1. Navigate to the applicant to be made an offer. (If it is a direct appointment, the person will
need to be put into HR. Instructions are attached to this email.) From the applicant card,
change the status to Pre-offer salary request. After confirming on the second screen that you
wish to advance the applicant to this status, you wil be presented with the Offer card.
2. You must complete the following information on the offer card:
• Start date (it can be changed later but a specific date must be selected)
• Requested salary amount and requested salary justification
• FTE (%) and Name of Supervisor/Web Time Approver
• Onboarding workflow
• Supervisor Name
• Approval Process (should be the same as it was for the requisition)
3. In most cases, HR is the first approver so that the required screenings (such as background) are
selected. For Administrative Faculty, Classified, and Research Support positions, a salary
analysis is required. Veronica will attach her salary recommendation in PageUp and make
comments in the box for “Salary recommendation & notes.” This box is also available for the
other approvers to record comments. Based on the requested salary amount and HR’s
recommendation, the VP approver must enter an amount in the box marked “Final approved
salary.” This box cannot be left blank because it is the field that populates the offer letter. The
final approved salary must be fil ed in before sending to the final approver in the process
(usual y Budget or AA). The final approved salary must be entered as the full 12-month
amount at 100%. The FTE you list on the offer card and/or the start and end dates of the
assignment will calculate the actual salary the person will receive. If the pay rate is hourly
instead of salary, then fill in only the box for “Final hourly pay rate,” not the “Final approved
salary” box.
4. The Hiring Manager (offer card originator) will receive an email from fsearch@mines.edu when
all the approvals have been made. The Hiring Manger then lets the supervisor know that the
verbal offer may be extended. If the verbal offer is accepted, then the Hiring Manager (OR
Academic Affairs for al non-classified positions which fal under Academic Affairs) can make

and send the offer letter using the “merge document” button and selecting the appropriate
letter template. If an offer letter template requires modification, then the document must be
saved outside of PageUp and uploaded into PageUp using the “Add document” button. You
must select “offer letter” as the document type when adding a document this way or else the
candidate will not be able to see it. You also must be sure to delete the merge document offer
letter and leave only the correct offer letter in PageUp to avoid confusion.
5. When merging the offer letter document, you may get a dialog box about APPLICANTSTREET2
not being complete. If you get this, choose “Ignore.”
6. Once the offer letter is complete, move the candidate to the status of “Formal Offer
Made”.) The candidate wil then receive an email instructing them to log into the applicant
portal to view the letter and accept the offer.
7. Also, at the bottom of the offer card, you will be asked if you want to change the status of the
job to “Offer.” You should click Yes. It is important for required reporting that, throughout the
process, the Hiring Manager update the job status to the various stages such as Reviewing,
Phone Interviews, Campus Interviews, Reference Checking, Offer, etc. This is done whenever
you are moving applicant status; you wil be asked at the end of the process if you want to
change the job status.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us on the Recruitment Team whenever you have questions;
that’s what we are here for! Our team consists of myself, Michelle Darveau, Paula MacGeorge and
Yolanda Wilson.

If you know of anyone who needs PageUp training – or if you need a refresher – please let us know. We
are scheduling sessions on an as-needed basis and are trying to invite new employees who will likely
serve as PageUp hiring managers. And, as always, feel free to pass this email along to others and let us
know of folks who should be added to the group.
Happy Hiring!
Deb Wernli
Employment Manager
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
1500 Illinois Street
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: 303-273-3494
Fax: 303-384-2025

E-mail: dwernli@mines.edu