Hello, PageUp Hiring Managers!
We have great news and are excited to announce two changes in PageUp: a ‘teams’ category on the job
card and a different approach to onboarding for new employees. These changes wil be effective on
October 4, 2017.
Teams Job View
You asked for better job viewing visibility and here it is! PageUp has added a field on the job card titled
Teams which allows better job information visibility.
Expected benefits:
- Improved information access for departments, colleges, and VP levels
- Team viewing available for Hiring Manager, Dept. Head, Dean, VP, and Supervisors
How to:
Located in Users & Approvals above Hiring Manager field (Bottom of the job card)
Auto populates with the originator’s team. This is the primary department of the originator.
Choose a team from the drop down if change is necessary.

*This change is not retroactive. Don’t worry. Human Resources is working to add the team field to all
previously created jobs.
New Starter Form
We are replacing the existing ‘onboarding form’ with the ‘new starter form.’ Using the term
‘onboarding form’ was often confused with onboarding workflow. The new starter form will pop up
immediately after an applicant accepts an offer in PageUp.
Expected benefits:
- No more confusing document uploads for new employees
- Information for CWID gets to payroll faster
- Easier completion of W-4 and direct deposit forms

- Quicker CWID creation al ows for efficient system access, better new employee experience and
How to:
Choose ‘New Starter Form’ on the Offer Card in the onboarding section.
Not necessary for current employees changing positions.

We hope that you wil find these changes helpful. Please provide us with feedback of how wel this
works for your department.