Good morning,
It’s that time again to provide you with a few nuggets of knowledge that wil improve your use of PageUp.
2018 hire date on offer card:
As the new year approaches we must be mindful when creating an offer to change the year to 2018 for the
start date. 2017 will automatically populate. If you use 2017, all of the new hire’s onboarding tasks will
display as past due.

Job Approvals
- Previously, when a job or offer approval email with a link was forwarded and the recipient opened the
link, they were authenticated by the system as the original receiver of that email. PageUp has now
implemented a change to improve security so that the links in Job & Offer approval notifications
require a login (authentication) process. If you use Single Sign On (SSO), you will be authenticated and
logged in. If you have been forwarded the email, you will need to authenticate via SSO or login and if
you have the correct rights, you wil access the job & offer pages. This prevents unauthorized access to
job and offer details via a forwarded email link.
Approval reminders:
- You have the ability to reply with the word "Approve" or "Decline" to job and position description
approval reminders. This functionality has previously only been available for the initial approval
notification to approve or decline by replying to the email, and now also available for the reminders.
- We do not have the ability to reply to the email for a job offer approval
Event bookings that include public instructions:
When you invite applicants to select timeslots for an event and select that they receive a reminder email, they
will receive an automated email that states, “The contact person listed in the telephone event booking will
contact you at the phone number listed on your application.” This is usual y the method of contact for phone
interviews, but if you have asked the applicant to cal in, this automated email can be a bit confusing. If you
are asking the applicant to call in, then we suggest you do not select the reminder email but rather, send your
own reminder.

Attach and send documents to applicants with bulk compile:
You can now send applicants’ documents through PageUp with the bulk communicate feature. Suggested
documents might include the interview itinerary, brief bio-sketches of those with whom the candidate wil be
meeting, the job description, etc.
Open the job, view applicants, select the applicants, select bulk communicate, and next

Select insert document button. This will allow you to find the file on your computer and attach to this
email. You may also type a statement in the body of the email before sending.

Happy Holidays from your Recruitment Team!