Here is this month’s Enlighten email with helpful tips to enhance your PageUp experience.

Add moving expense comments on the offer card
On the offer card there is a section titled moving expense. If you copy and paste the red text above that
field the text will also appear on the offer letter. In place of the $ add the amount approved for
moving expense. This is the standard approved language that must be used in offer letters if you are
providing a moving allowance.

Example of how the statement will appear on the offer letter:

Headcount management on job card
In March a change has been made to make the headcount management section on the job card more
intuitive for users. Every job has at least 1 position so there is always a position displayed. Rather than
asking for number of positions before the position table, the entry of additional new or replacement
positions has been relocated at the bottom as an 'Add more'. Once the job has been approved, only HR
can add additional positions so please contact us in that situation.

Alphabetize list of selected applicants when using Bulk Send
Currently, when using the "Bulk Send" or "Bulk Compile and Send" feature, the list of applicants are
randomized. PageUp has ordered the list so that the applicants will be listed alphabetically by last name.

Re-send approval email
Sometimes people forget to approve and hold up the approval process. You may just want to resend
the approval notification to the one person without having to reset the approval process. PageUp has
added a link to be able to re-send an approval email to an individual user for jobs.