Happy July, Everyone! Here is this month’s Enlighten email with helpful tips to help enhance your
PageUp experience.
Viewing Past Approvals
PageUp has added a new feature which alows an approver to see al the jobs they have approved. This
was something approvers were asking for, so please spread the word to approvers in your department!

Applicant assistance
If an applicant tels you they are unable to log in to PageUp, remind them that they must use the same
email address used in their PageUp profile. If they are unsure, type their name in the search field in the
top right corner of your dashboard and you wil see the email address used. If they need to change the
email address on their profile or can’t remember their password, have them contact HR.
If applicants inquire about an email that they didn’t receive, make sure they understand that emails sent
through PageUp system come from fsearch@mines.edu, not from the hiring manager
(HM)/department assistant nor from an actual person in HR.
Hiring Process Folow Through and Onboarding
Remember that you, as the “hiring manager,” are your department’s facilitator for a search or direct
hire. Please make sure to follow through the entire process to ensure completeness and
compliance. Steps:

• Pre-offer salary request initiated by HM. This is the stage at which HR will do salary
work and make our recommendation. Make sure you select an approval process or it
wil not move forward.

After selecting the appropriate approval process, click Save and Close at the bottom of the
Offer Card. You can always go back in to your Jobs Open to make sure it’s there and to
check on how it’s progressing through the approval stages.

• When the salary is approved, the HM will receive an email saying that the verbal offer may be

• Once a verbal offer has been accepted, the offer letter can be made. Be sure that the Final
Approved Salary box on the offer card is filled in. And remember, if you are part of Academic
Affairs, AA makes al of your offer letters except for a classified position.

• Once the offer is accepted, the new hire is prompted to submit their background and complete
the onboarding form. Completing this form allows Payroll to assign the CWID and enter the job
into Banner. This form needs to be completed prior to their first day of work. Some applicants
are completing only the first page; there are several pages. After completion of each page they
should select the “next” button and continue until the form is complete.
• When their background has successful y completed, Paula wil send you an email. If you don’t
hear anything, contact Paula. There have been a few instances where the background was not
submitted in a timely manner.
Remember that new hires stil must come to HR on their first day of employment with
original documents for the I-9 form completion.
As always, please let us know if you or someone in your department needs training. For PageUp
assistance, you may contact anyone on the HR Recruitment Team:
Michelle Darveau mdarveau@mines.edu
Paula MacGeorge pnmacgeorge@mines.edu
Deb Wernli dwernli@mines.edu
Yolanda Wilson ywilson@mines.edu
Have a great Independence Day holiday!