Adding a new applicant to PageUp
This would need to be done by the Hiring Manager or HR when the search is Classified or a
direct appointment. In these cases, the applicant has not applied for the job in PageUp.
1. Click on View Applications for the job (top left corner of the job card).
Customer satisfaction survey
View applications Copy job

Custodian I
Revision history History
Position info Notes Sourcing Documents
------- TITLE - CLASS - POSITION & JOB NUMBERS ---------------

2. On the next screen, select New applicant (top left corner).

New applicant Search by answers to questions Merge applicants

3. Enter information into all of the required fields (those marked with *). (See screen shot
on next 2 pages). Upload resume, cover letter, application (if classified), etc. The job
title and job number wil auto populate. Always select “yes” for “Do you want to disclose
this application to the candidate?”

4. You wil now be able to proceed with the pre-offer salary request step!