New PageUp Reporting Feature Announcement!
PageUp has created an easier way for Hiring Managers, Search Chairs and Search Committee Members
to access committee reports. Job reports are now accessible on the job card.
How to view reports:
- Go to the job card and select the Reports tab
*Note: You wil no longer run reports by selecting them on the main menu. Doing so will give
you a report for every applicant in PageUp not just the one job.
- Select the title of the report or select the Excel icon , and then select download (download as
an Excel 2007 file).

List of reports with titles, purpose and who has access:

Job Card Reports
Report title
(has access to
run and view
Purpose of report
Applicants are listed in the
chronological order of which they
applied. This is helpful for searches
that have an ongoing open position,
but wish to begin reviewing
applications for pass/fail in the order Search Chair
Applicant by Date submitted
of which they were received.
Hiring Manager
Applicant Score Rank - Hiring
Allows visibility of the committee
results for scoring and ranking.
Hiring Manager

Allows visibility of the committee
Applicant Score Rank - Search Chair results for scoring and ranking.
Search Chair
Displays missing committee scores. It
wil help to pinpoint committee
Search Committee Members -
members that need to complete
Individual Scores
applicant scoring.
Search Chair
Search Chair - All Committee
Allows the search chair to view all
Member Scores
committee scores.
Search Chair
Allows the search chair to view all
Search Committee Comments
committee comments.
Search Chair
Al ows committee members to see
which applicants they have not
scored. Any blanks in column F
(selection criteria comments)
Search Committee - Criteria
indicates they have not been
Search Committee
Search Chair
Al ows the entire committee to see
Hiring Manager
the phone/campus interviews
Search Committee
Event Bookings - Accepted
accepted by applicant, date and time. Members
Allows the hiring manager and
supervisor to see the new hires that
have not completed their onboarding Hiring Manager
Onboarding Incomplete Tasks
This report allows the committee to
Search Chair
see the demographics of the
Hiring Manager
applicant pool that applied for the
Search Committee
EEO Data
We have also updated the Search Committee PageUp instructions to include the job reporting change
on pages 8-12. The file is attached and stored on the HR PageUp website,
As always we welcome your feedback, comments, questions, and training needs.