How will search committee members see the resume and application of an applicant?

a. When you log into PageUp and land at the bubble menu, click the hyperlink next to the green search
committee review bubble.

b. This will take you to My Search Committee Jobs page where you will be able to choose View

c. Click on View Applicants.

d. You will land at the scorecard for all applicants.

e. For each applicant, there are three icons you can click on. The one on the far left selects that
applicant. The middle icon is the resume and the far right icon is the application. If you click on the
applicant’s name, you will see their applicant card.

f. Click on the application icon. In that document, you will be able to open any documents the applicant
attached (resume, cover letter, etc.) Using this view helps ensure that you evaluate al the submitted
materials, not just the resume.

g. Repeat for each applicant.


h. If you wish to save and download the application materials onto your computer, select the applicants
of your choice, then choose Bulk Compile and Send in the Select dialog box above the applicant

i. Select Resume, cover letter and application (and any other pertinent information you need to review.)

j. At the bottom of the screen, click on Create PDF.

k. Wait for the documents to compile.

l. Click on the Download document to save the PDF to your download folder.

m. Do not send an email. Click Okay.


n. The download wil appear in the bottom left corner of your screen.

o. If you prefer, you may download each applicant’s materials separately.
How do you score and record comments about applicants in PageUp?

a. Search Chairs and committee members score and add comments to applicants directly in PageUp when
applicants are in the fol owing statuses: New, Telephone Interview Accepted, Campus Interview 1
Accepted or Campus Interview 2 Accepted.
b. When applicants have a status of New, you wil score and make comments after you have looked at their
resume, application and if included, cover letter.
c. As soon as you log into PageUp and view applicants you land on the scorecard:

Each committee member MUST be sure to select a score from the drop down box
for EACH criterion. If you miss even one criterion, the Applicant Score Rank Report
wil not populate accurately.


d. You should NOT use the “Selection Criteria Outcome” field at the bottom of the score card; it is not tied to
the scoring/ranking report.

e. When applicants get moved to a status of Telephone interview accepted, you can enter a brand new set
of scores and make comments. Then again for the campus interview statuses. Only the search chair can
score and add comments on the reference check statuses.

f. Essentially for each new status, you have a new scorecard and comment section. Search committee
members wil not be able to see their scores or comments made in a previous status. Get these details
from the report that the search committee chair will/can run on each of these statuses OR from the
Search Committee-Criteria Outcomes report located on the job card in the Reports run the search
committee-criteria outcomes:

g. Search chairs will be able to see applicant scores and comments for all committee members and for every
applicant status. You can share this information by running the Applicant Score Rank Report.


Search chairs and committee members will be able to view applicants when they have
the following statuses:
i. New
ii. Pass/Fail Successful
iii. Committee review unsuccessful (search chair only)
iv. Telephone interview event booking (search chair only)
v. Telephone interview accepted
vi. Telephone interview declined (search chair only)
vii. Telephone interview unsuccessful (search chair only)
viii. Campus interview 1 event booking (search chair only)
ix. Campus interview 1 accepted
x. Campus interview 1 declined (search chair only)
xi. Campus interview 2 event booking (search chair only)
xii. Campus interview 2 accepted
xiii. Campus interview 2 declined (search chair only)
xiv. Campus interview unsuccessful (search chair only)
xv. Reference check - phone/own questions (search chair only)
xvi. Reference check - letter upload request (search chair only)
xvii. No offer made (search chair only)

Search chairs request Hiring Managers to move applicants to the statuses above in red.
After search committee members have scored applicants, will they be able to view the
Yes, as long as they are in one of the statuses in black above (a status in which they can be scored.)
You will not be able to access your past scores.
After search committee chairs have scored applicants, will they be able to view the
Yes, as long as they are in one of the statuses in black above (a status in which they can be scored.) Chairs have
an additional capability of being able to view all committee scores/comments as applicants move through

Are search chairs informed when all scoring and reviews are complete?
a. No. Search chairs are not notified (no system capability) when reviews (scores and comments) are
complete. The ideal way to find out in PageUp if all the scores are complete is to generate the report
described below.

How will PageUp rank applicants after they are scored?
a. Search chairs will run the Applicant Score Rank Report (only they are allowed to run this report).
b. Before running the report, check to see that you and al the search committee members have scored
an all applicants.
c. If any scores are missing and committee members have to go back in to add them, then PageUp
takes overnight for scores to register in the report.
d. After search chairs run the report, they wil export the report to Excel.
e. If the scoring is complete, the Excel spreadsheet will summarize scores and rank the applicants.

f. If the scoring is incomplete, the Excel spreadsheet will show errors in the score summarization (so you
can easily find these and correct). It will not perform the ranking.
How does a search chair or member change the status of an applicant?
Search chairs will use the PageUp Bulk Compile and Send function to email the Hiring Manager (department
assistants) to change the status of an applicant.

a. Be on the list of applicants page. Check mark the applicants whose status you want to change. Then in
the Select dialog box right above the applicant names, choose Bulk Compile and Send. You have the
ability to pick which documents you would like to include in the PDF creation. You can select all
applicants or select all specific applicants.
b. This will cause an email box to appear. Include the following information in the email:
i. In the User field, enter the Hiring Manager's name (to force their email address to appear)
ii. In the Subject line, enter a subject line like: Applicant status move for Job XXXX (replace XXX with
your job number)
iii. Leave the list of names in the email
iv. Modify the email content to say something like:
1. Please change the status of these applicants to Committee review unsuccessful. Must
include job-related reason they were unsuccessful.
2. After you have made the event for the telephone (or could be campus) interview, please
change the status of these applicants to Telephone interview event booking or Campus
interview 1 event booking.



4. Then click Okay to send the email to the Hiring Manager

What needs to be done by the Chair before the final report is executed:
On the job card in the Reports tab run the Applicant Score Rank Report-Search Chair.


You may add application status to the filters and then select Save and view to run the report.

Download Report to view results.

Open in Excel (bottom left of screen)

Enable editing (top of screen)

Download and look at the Scores tab. Then look at the Whole Committee Applicant Rank tab.


If any applicants are ranked with a zero, this means there scores are not complete. To find the person who needs
to complete the scores, go to the Scores tab and scrol down to find #VALUE! entries.

Note the line they occur on. The go back to the Data tab and find that line. Look at the search committee member
column to see who did not complete the scoring. Once all scoring and rank is error free in the Excel report, the
search chair can go back into PageUp and rank the applicants.
Chair - Steps to Run the Report
On the Job Card, select the Reports tab
Select the excel icon below the report title Applicant Score Ran Report – Search Chair
Select Save and view button
Download Report to view results
Open in Excel (bottom left of screen)
Enable editing (top of screen)
Tab 3 shows the total scores and ranks by committee member. In the “Row Labels” column, click on “select all.”


In the “Committee Member (Al)” column, click on the name of the committee member whose scores/ranks you
wish to see.


Tab 4 shows the total scores/ranks for the entire committee. In the “Row Labels” column, click on “select all.”

Dump this report into an Excel spreadsheet outside of PageUp so that you can share it with the rest of the
committee and filter the information any way you would like.


Then attach the saved report under “Documents” on the requisition (job card).

Once applicants are moved out of “New” status, the data in the reports will change so it
is critical that this report be saved and attached as part of the permanent search