Quick Guide for Approvals

Approving a job

Users will receive an email notifying them to review and approve/decline a job. This email will have
instructions on how to approve the job: either by replying to the email with the word approve or an approver
can login and approve. From the bubble menu or by clicking My job approvals link in the right hand menu,
approvers will be taken to the job that needs approval.

Information is viewed by scrolling down through the form. Additional information may be viewed clicking
through the tabs of the job card to view attached documents and notes. Reviewers should look through the
forms as well as the tabs along the top of the form.

Approvers scroll down to the bottom of the job card form to the approve and decline buttons. Approvers will
see their name against the approver positions as well as the names of the remaining approvers.
After reviewing all pages, Approvers take one of the following actions:

Quick Guide for Approvals

A. Click Save a draft if you have made changes to the job, but are not ready to approve or decline the
B. Click Approve to approve the job.
C. Click Decline to decline the job.
D. Click Cancel if you have not made any changes to the job, and are not ready to approve or decline
the job.

If you choose to approve the job, an email will be automatically sent to the next approver. If you are the
final approver, an email will be sent to the originator of the job advising that the job has been approved.

If an approver declines the job, a screen will be displayed asking for a reason as to why the job has
been declined. It will be recorded in the history of the job.

Declining a job card.

The decline reason is REQUIRED. Additional comments are not. However, it is very helpful to have
more information in the additional comments.

When the approval process is declined the Hiring Manager will receive an email stating that the it was
declined. Open the requisition and look in the notes section to see the reason for decline. Address the
decline reason with the approver and restart the approval process.

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