Recruiting and Hiring PageUp Process Flowchart
create profile
and apply
Job Requisition
Career site
Initial evaluation
Description (PD)
of candidates
•Required before search
•Approval for search to
•HR posts the job to the
•All Search Committee
can start
Mines career site as well
members attend training
•Write one or find one
•Budget info - auto
as diversity sites and
•PASS/FAIL on minimum
•Must be approved
Dept. requested sites
qualifications (optional)
•Must have:
•Search Commitee
•Evaluation criteria
evaluates and
•Applicant qualifications
documents in Pageup
•Search Committee
•Search Chair creates the
ranking report and
•Advertising preferences
attachs it to the job
Applicant receives an
email notification to
Applicant receives
accept or modify event
notice of reference
Update applicant
Hiring Manager creates
Reference checks
events -Phone or In-Person
•Search Chair informs the
•Invite applicants
•Hiring Manager or
•Reference letters may be
hiring manager of
requested through PageUp
•Add Search Comittee
Search Chair attaches all
applicant status changes
•Hiring manager changes
members as users to the
interview questions,
status to reference check &
•Hiring Manager changes
event. They will have
notes, reference
initiate letter upload
applicant status
access to view and add
information, etc.
•System requires reason
the event to their
•Hiring Manager changes
•Hiring manager or search
for applicants not
applicant status to
chair uploads all reference
moving on in the
•System requires reason
various interview stages
check documents
for applicants not
per Search Chair
moving on in the

Recruiting and Hiring PageUp Process Flow Chart
Final candidate is selected
Complete documentation
Recommendation of final
Offer Card initated with the
candidate to Department Head
status change and salary
• Hiring Manager is informed of the final candidate and changes
the applicant status to pre-offer salary request. This will initiate
the salary approval process on the offer card
•Hiring Manager or Search
•Search Chair sends hire
Salary recommendation must go through the full approval
process (HR, DH, Dean, Budget, and AA)
Chair verifys all documents
recommendation to
• Hiring Manager receives the final salary approval email
pertaining to the search are
Department Head
• Salary is approved and verbal offer is made by the Department
Head or Supervisor.
loaded to the job card
•Department Head will
• Applicant accepts the verbal offer
Note: All academic affairs offer letters should only be created
review final applications adn
by the Academic Affairs office
determine the final
candidate for hire


Applicant completes
screenings if required
receives the
and onboarding form
receives CWID
formal offer
Candidate accepts offer
Onboard ing

New Hire Begins Work
Formal Offer and offer
• The applicant and their
• Candiate accepts the offer in
• Hiring Manager will track the
supervisor will continue to use
• Hiring Manager or AA creates
completion of the onboarding
PageUp to complete assigned
offer card to include the start
• If screenings are required HR
form and contact the applicant
date and enters salary in "Final
will track completion and
if they do not complete it
approved salary and then
update PageUp with completed
• Payroll Operations uses
creates the offer letter in
completed onboarding form
• Onboarding form then sends to
and offer card to create their
• Hiring Manager changes the
applicant (Recruitment process,
CWID, and will email the CWID
applicants status to formal offer
screenings complete, or no
to the new hire through
screenings required will
• Changing the status
determine which onboarding
• Applicant must hand deliver
automatically sends the formal
form the candidate will receive)
their I9 with ID's, Retirement
offer letter to the applicant
form (PERA or ORP), Non Social
Security policy, and Conflict of
Interest form to HR by first day
of work