SSO & Browser Functionality

How to work with multiple windows in PageUp:
Scenario: You have logged into PageUp twice within the same browser window, and you want
to view one page while making changes to another.
Solution: It is best not to work with 2 tabs/windows open in the same web browser. It would
be best you move the second tab to its own web browser window by clicking on that tab and
dragging it to your second screen. Otherwise the changes wil not save.
Example of what to not do:

How to al ow different users to log into PageUp on the same computer:
Scenario: You have a coworker at your computer who you are assisting and they want to log
into PageUp on your computer. You log out and they attempt to log in but it continues to route
them to the admin sign on page that requires the security key code.
Solution: The reason this occurred is because you are using the same window and your SSO has
been remembered. In PageUp the SSO will remember you even if you log out. You will need to
close that window, open a new window, and then have your coworker sign in.