Travel for Administrative Faculty Interviewees
HR can assist with travel expenses for out-of-state administrative faculty applicants coming to
campus for interviews. Assistance is limited to a maximum of $2,000 per search (not the number
of positions within the search) and that amount includes advertising and travel. For any travel-
related expenses for your applicants, HR must receive a TA with supporting documentation prior
to the travel occurring. Please work with HR before making the travel arrangements! HR will
assist with the costs of airfare and hotel expenses only; we do not cover any ground
transportation, food, or extras. After the interview process has been completed, HR wil provide
an account index for the charges. The final receipts must also be provided to HR for the expenses
charged to our account. If any expenses are to be reimbursed to the applicant, a W-9 is to be
obtained and submitted with the final receipts in order that the applicant can be paid. Any
questions regarding this process, please contact Nancy Cummings in HR.