Performance Plan – Sample Development
April 2018 through March 2019
Name, Job Title
Disclaimer ... consider including in every performance plan
This note applies to the entire document. The standards reflect guidance
for the evaluation of performance at the “Meets Expectations” or
“Exceptional Performer” levels. They are not to be interpreted as ful y
inclusive but give a “sense” of the type of performance needed. Sub-
standard performance of a significant or ongoing nature, but not listed in
the performance standards, can result in a “Needs Improvement” rating.

Below are Sample General Statements – They must be modified to fit
your needs and approach!!
In order to achieve the rating level shown, all of the elements contained
in the standard must be ful y met. OR
In order to achieve the rating level shown, most of the elements
contained in the standard must be met. OR
In order to achieve the rating level shown, most of the elements
contained in the standard must be met, except that in al cases,
elements 1 and 3 of each standard must be met.

Accountability – [Objective or subjective?]
Meets Expectations
1. Consistently follows appropriate policies, procedures and rules
2. Consistently follows through on items, assures accurate completion of responsibilities
3. Timely and accurately completes payroll and leave documents
4. Responds to e-mails and phone cal s promptly, general y within the same day
5. Work is general y accurate and on-time
6. Comes to work as scheduled without being late
7. Requests needed schedule changes and absences in advance
8. Responds to requests on-time, attentive to deadlines OR when a deadline is set but cannot be
met, advises supervisor wel in advance and requests change or extension
Exceptional Performer (assumes ful achievement of Meets Expectations)
1. Only rarely is a deadline missed … and then only for non-priority or sensitive items
2. Supervisor receives frequent unsolicited compliments on the quality of work
3. Frequently assists others in their work without compromising quantity or quality of own work
4. Identifies and implements, with approval, at least 3 methods of improving process efficiency –
where the procedural improvements are of significance

Interpersonal Relations -- [How wil you know that these occur?]
Meets Expectations
1. Consistently completes responsibilities and delivers services in a professional,
engaged manner as part of the overall departmental team – ongoing
2. Considerate of others perspectives and demonstrates the building of effective
relationships throughout campus
3. Fosters a sense of participation and set of behaviors among direct reports
supporting a wel -functioning environment as evidenced, at a minimum, by a lack
of interpersonal conflict-related complaints
Exceptional Performer (assumes full achievement of Meets Expectations)
1. Is observed being sensitive to and respectful of others in al situations and
frequently garners unsolicited compliments
2. Supervisor observes frequent and consistent occurrences of active and effective
team building behaviors
3. Always demonstrates an “approachability” trait – members of the team are
observed going to <NAME> on a reasonably frequent basis for assistance

Job Knowledge [Be careful of “test” oriented statements.]
Meets Expectations
1. Generally correctly applies appropriate policies, rules or procedures in performing
2. Participates in developmental activities – <items considered could include
professional development seminars, relevant col ege course work, conferences,
3. Effectively integrates information from multiple sources in completing assignments
4. Quality of work outcomes, interactions, outputs demonstrates grasp of relevant
principles and concepts
Exceptional Performer (assumes full achievement of Meets Expectations)
1. Is recognized as the “expert” in numerous processes, procedures, and practices – is
the ”go to” person for matters of complexity (not just routine items)
2. In matters requiring more than routine judgment, consistently demonstrates not
only a ful grasp of the issues at hand, always considers effect and consequences of
alternatives – “thinks through” matters to achieve optimum results or effects

Communications [Objective and subjective – examples and observations]
Meets Expectations -- ongoing
1. Communicates with department staff and supervisor timely, accurately and in a
thorough manner
2. Actively assures that open and frequent communication exists
3. Written communication, presentations, etc. are clear, wel organized and generally
free from error
4. Communications are, with minor deviations, professional, business-like and
Exceptional Performer (assumes full achievement of Meets Expectations)
1. Supervisor receives numerous unsolicited compliments regarding interactions and
2. Always presents an outgoing, friendly and professional demeanor and style
3. Communication consistently demonstrates insight, sensitivity, and appropriateness
to the purpose of the communication

Customer Service [Isn’t this why most jobs exist?]
Meets Expectations
1. Provides courteous, friendly and professional customer service
2. Discovers customer needs and helps customers understand how
Mines’ capabilities meet their needs
3. Assures strong customer service by actively assisting employees research
and resolve <what kind> problems.
4. Researches answers to questions in a timely manner when information is
not known or readily available
Exceptional Performer (assumes ful achievement of ME)
1. Frequent unsolicited positive feedback on customer and client interactions
are received by the supervisor
2. Interactions demonstrate “world class” service and follow up.
What terms need definition? How wil you know?

Individual Performance Measure (IPM) – Classification
Meets Expectations:
1. Complete all classification requests within 30 days of receipt
2. Only infrequently are classification decisions appealed
3. Establish written internal standards for panel review by October and provide to
4. Keep wel organized, auditable records as appropriate.
5. Feedback evaluation rated at least 80% ... What does this imply?

Exceptional Performer: (assumes full achievement of Meets Expectations)
1. Complete all classification requests within 10 days of receipt
2. In almost all cases, conduct one-on-one discussions with submitting supervisors
and employees
3. Supervisor receives frequent positive feedback on classification decisions and
4. No classification decisions are reversed on appeal
5. Feedback evaluation rated at 93% satisfaction with services or higher

IPM -- New Employee Registration Sessions
Meets Expectations:
1. Assure that the information presented is comprehensive and is timely updated –
2. Analyze and update information presented on an as needed basis, but not less
often than in March and October, make recommendations to supervisor regarding
updates coincident with analysis.
3. Assure timely and accurate coordination between HR and Payrol regarding non-
resident and resident alien processing – ongoing (and critical to performance that
meets expectations).
4. Develop feedback instrument and achieve an average evaluation of at least 80% --
by September for instrument and evaluation data for review use thereafter.
Exceptional Performer: (assumes full achievement of Meets Expectations)
1. Submit orientation program and materials to professional association for
presentation at regional conference and have submission accepted by association
2. Achieve a 95% rating on feedback instrument – average for year; no complaints
received and no individual rating less than 85%

Meets Expectations:
No Core Competency or IPM may be below Meets Expectations; some may be above,
but not to the overall rating level described in Exceptional Performer
All IPMs must be at least Meets Expectations and 4 of 5 Core Competencies must be
at or above the Meets Expectations
Accountability, Interpersonal Relations, Communications must be at least Meets
Expectations; both IPMs must be at least Meets Expectations. When Job Knowledge
or Customer Service is rated Needs Improvement, an offsetting Core Competency or
IPM must be rated Exceptional Performer.

Exceptional Performer
Three of five Core Competencies and all IPMs must be rated Exceptional Performer; no
Core Competency can be rated Needs Improvement
All Core Competencies and half of the IPMs must be rated Exceptional Performer; none
of the other half of the IPMs can be rated Needs Improvement
Customer Service, Interpersonal Relations, Accountability, Communications and both
IPMs must be rated Exceptional Performer; Job Knowledge cannot be rated as Needs

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