Total Compensation Benchmark Study – Committee Structure
Steering Committees:
Academic Faculty
Tracy Camp
Department Head, Department of Computer Science
Ramona Graves
Dean, College of Earth Resource Sciences and Engineering
Dan Knauss
Professor, Department of Chemistry
Becky Lafrancois
Teaching Associate Professor, Department of Economics and Business
Bill Navidi
Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Steve Pankavich
Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Angus Rockett
Department Head, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Chuck Stone
Teaching Professor, Department of Physics

Administrative Faculty
Dixie Cirillo
Associate Athletics Director/Compliance/Senior Women’s Administrator
Rebecca Flintoft
Associate Vice President of Student Life
Veronica Graves
Associate Director for Human Resources
Danielle LeClair
Senior Budget & Financial Analyst, Student Life & Auxiliaries
Ryan McGuirk
Contract Administrator/Purchasing Agent
Andrea Morello
Fiscal Officer, College of Applied Science and Engineering
Tim VanHaverbeke Program Manager & Graduate Coordinator, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Oversight Committee:
Tom Boyd
Mike Dougherty
Associate Vice President for Human Resources
Dan Fox
Vice President for Student Life
Peter Han
Chief of Staff and Vice President for External Relations
Mike Kaufman
Dean, College of Applied Science and Engineering
Kirsten Volpi
Executive Vice President, COO, CFO, Treasurer