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Registrar’s Graduation Information

Verify Name on Trailhead. This is how your name will appear on your diploma and in the
commencement program. To correct the spelling of your name, complete a name change form with
appropriate documentation at the Registrar’s Office by March 3, 2017 for the Commencement
Program notation. The latest a change may be made for the diploma notation is May 12, 2017.

Verify Diploma Mailing Address on Trailhead. This is where your metal diploma is mailed. To
correct your address, log into Trailhead and update or add your Diploma Mailing address before
April 28, 2017. Holds will be placed if a valid Diploma Mailing address is not entered. End dates
entered on the address make the address invalid.
Please Note: Diplomas mailed to an old address are generally not forwarded through the US
Postal Service.

Ordering Final Transcript. Ordering instructions available at https://inside.mines.edu/Transcripts.
Degrees are posted and on your transcript no later than May 26, 2017 for May graduates and August
31, 2017 for August graduates.

How to order a Parchment (paper) diploma. Parchment diplomas are not included in the
graduation fee and may be ordered on the transcript ordering website. These will be processed after
your degree is posted.
If you plan to work out of the country, order a notarized parchment (notarized parchments are
unsuitable for framing).

Check Final Grades. Final grades are available online after 10:00 a.m., May 16, 2017 courses. If
anything is missing, contact your instructor immediately to prevent your degree from not being

Resolve Holds. Holds delay the mailing of your diploma. Check for holds even after graduation.

Check your Honors and GPA. Your final cumulative GPA determines the award designated on
your diploma and transcript. The honor listed in the commencement program for the ceremony is
based on the second to last completed semester cumulative GPA. Honors designations are:
a. 2.000 to 3.599 – No honors – no cords
b. 3.500 to 3.699- Cum Laude – Cord color – orange (engineering) & silver
c. 3.700 to 3.899- Magna cum Laude – Cord color – orange (engineering) & light blue
d. 3.900 to 4.00- Summa cum Laude – Cord color – orange (engineering) & dark blue

Turn in Pending Paperwork. Grade changes, official transcripts for transfer work, etc. must be
received by the Registrar’s Office by May 26, 2017 for May graduates, or August 31, 2017 for
August graduates. Any student unable to meet the deadline must contact the Registrar’s Office
(registrar@mines.edu) to move to the next graduation date or s/he is made inactive for graduation

Diplomas are mailed to students early August for spring graduates or late October for summer
graduates. Diplomas are sent insured mail through the U.S.P.S. within the Continental US and via
FedEx for international addresses. Diplomas are mailed to the Diploma Mailing Address in Trailhead, be
sure to keep this updated. A hold will be placed on the record if no Diploma Mailing Address type is
added to Trailhead. Students sending diplomas internationally must provide an address and phone
number. Diplomas will not be released to a second party without written consent
Spring Graduation