Astra Schedule Access Application/Authorization
This form is used to: 1) grant access to the Astra Scheduling System for new users or, 2) modify
access to the Banner Student System for existing users (including departmental transfers.)
Please fill in the information below and submit this form to Registrar’s Office.

Section 1: Applicant/Banner User Profile Information

Name: _________________________________________ / ___________________________________ (please print)
Last Name First Name

Position Title: ________________________________ Are you a student at CSM? [ ] Yes [ ] No (check one box only)

CSM CWID: __________________ Are you transferring to another department? [ ] Yes [ ] No (check one box only)

Email Address: _____________________________________________ Phone No: ________________________

Department: ______________________________ Location Building ___________ Room No: ________

I understand and agree that I will use my Astra username for legitimate CSM business only, and will use it in compliance
with the CSM Computing & Networking Resource and Responsible Use Policy & Guidelines and the CSM Administrative
Data Access Policy I will not share it with others and I understand that misuse may result in disciplinary action being
taken by CSM.

Signature: _________________________________________________________________ Date: ____ /____ /______

Section 2: Request Scheduling Area
Please specify the room(s), building, or departments on campus for which you are requesting scheduling access.

Section 3: Authorization – Head, Director, Principal Investigator
I hereby approve the access specified above for Astra Schedule.

Name: __________________________________________ /______________________________________ (please
Last Name First Name

Signature: __________________________________ Date: ____ /____ /______ Phone No:______________
Section 4: Registrar/ES

Date in RG: ____ /____ /_________ Date to User: ____ /____ /___________
Schedule Access Granted
RG Initials