Triple Conducting Cathode Material for Intermediate
Temperature Protonic Ceramic Electrochemical Devices
Chuancheng Duan, Meng Shang, Jianhua Tong, and Ryan O’Hayre
Summary: A novel perovskite-type multicomponent compound that displays high
electrochemical performance at intermediate temperatures
Description: Oxygen reduction reaction kinetics is very low for intermediate temperature
protonic ceramic electrochemical devices, which greatly hindered their practical application.
This invention is of a novel perovskite-type multicomponent compound (that displays triple
(oxygen ion, proton, and electron) conductivities under wet oxidizing atmospheres, resulting in
high oxygen reduction reaction performance at intermediate temperature (300-750oC). This
compound is a promising electrocatalytic cathode material for oxygen reduction in
intermediate temperature proton ceramic electrochemical devices. The area specific resistance
(ASR) of cathode material is lower than 0.15  cm2 with gold as the current collector at 750C
in wet air, which is much better than current available cathode materials.
Main Advantages of this Invention
 Increased performance at intermediate
Potential Areas of Application
 Protonic ceramic electrochemical
 Alkaline fuel cells
 Air metal batteries
ID number: 15016
Cathode ASR values for the BCFZY symmetric
Intel ectual Property Status: US provisional
cell in an Arrhenius diagram.
patent 62/101,285.
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