Optical Alignment Deformation Spectroscopy
Keith B. Neeves, David W.M. Marr, Kevin B. Roth, and Charles D. Eggleton
Summary: A microfluidic devise and method for high-throughput measurement of cell deformation
Description: Cell mechanical properties are a useful measure of phenotype that can be quantified
by cell deformability. There is a lack of high-throughput methods to investigate the mechanical
properties of large populations of individual cells. To address this need, researchers at Mines have
developed optical alignment deformation spectroscopy (OADS), a technique where hydrodynamic
interactions between individual cells are used to create deformation. In OADS, a linear optical trap is
used to align two incoming cells in a microfluidic cross-flow geometry, allowing hydrodynamic forces
to induce a collision between cells at the stagnation point. After the interaction, the cells leave the
stagnation point and a new pair of cells enters the trap. A convenient model cell to characterize
OADS is the human erythrocyte because of its well-known mechanical properties. Deformation data
of erythrocytes is fit to a linear viscoelastic constitutive model (Voigt). The results show OADS has
potential as an accurate, high-throughput, individual cell mechanical cytometer.
Main Advantages of this Invention:
 High through-put assay
measuring individual cells
instead of population average
 Reagent and label free
 More accurate than current
Potential Areas of Application:
 Disease screening
 High through-put blood testing
Devise schematic and view of cross-junction, with cel s entering and exiting
ID number: 12012
Publications: K.B. Roth et. al., Lab Chip 2013, 13, 1571. (Available upon request.)
Intel ectual Property Status: US utility patent pending (application #13/770,875)
Opportunity: We are seeking an exclusive or non-exclusive licensee for the manufacturing, marketing,
and sale of this technology.
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