Magnetic-Field Driven Col oidal Microbots Employing
Wall-Based Propulsion
Tonguc Onur Tasci, David W.M. Marr, and Keith B. Neeves
Summary: Magnetic-field driven colloidal microbots for interventional procedures in the
cardiovascular system
Description: Many interventional procedures in the cardiovascular system require invasive
catheter-based methods to reach their intended targets. This can be problematic because
catheters cannot access the entire vascular system. Moreover, they are an inelegant approach to
applications that require finesse, such as removing a blood clot without damaging the vessel wall.
The disclosed method demonstrates an approach to assemble, target, and disassemble
microbots in the vasculature that can replace and improve upon these invasive procedures. This
novel approach uses a combination of oscillating magnetic fields to create colloidal assemblies
that roll along available surfaces. As a result, this method can be used to generate and control
microbots that can translate throughout the body 10-100 times faster than competing
Main Advantages of this Invention
 Can achieve the 1 mm/s speeds necessary for
practical application
 The mobility can be tightly controlled allowing
for targeted applications
 Upstream mobility
Potential Areas of Application
 Magnetic Imaging
 Treatment of stokes and clots in the
cardiovascular system
ID number: 15031
Intel ectual Property Status: US Pat. Appl. No. 15/069,681
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