Control ed Precipitation of Biomimetic Apatites via in situ
Mineralization of an Organic Polymeric Matrix
Jacqueline Harding and Melissa D. Krebs
Summary: The controlled and tunable precipitation of biological apatites within a polymeric support
Description: Apatite is a naturally occurring mineral found in bone and dental tissue. Synthetic apatites
are used as additives in polymeric materials for use in biological applications to inhibit the foreign body
response and to promote healing. Synthetic bone graft materials incorporate calcium phosphate (CaP)
to attempt to mimic natural mineralized tissue. However, the incorporated CaP phases are often
synthetically derived using hydroxyapatite and tricalcium phosphate, which can be difficult for biological
systems to resorb inhibiting the construction of healthy tissue. Synthetic hydroxyapatite also does not
mimic the chemical and physical properties of natural biological apatites, which has varied calcium to
phosphate ratios and may incorporate ions. This invention describes a method for the controlled
precipitation of biological apatites within a polymeric support substrate. This method offers the
predictable deposition of a mineral phase adhered to a polymeric surface to ensure homogeneity of the
mineral throughout the graft. Furthermore, this approach allows for tuning of the chemical composition
to resemble biological apatites found in both bone and dental tissue. The precipitation of the proper
mineral phase can be initiated prior to biological incorporation or slowly matured within the biological
environment. The polymeric template used in the construction of the material allows for the
preparation of injectable gels or robust implantable grafts.
Main Advantages of this Invention
 More closely resembles the composition of natural bone tissue
 Allows for tuning of the chemical composition
 Controlled deposition of the mineral phase
Potential Areas of Application
 Biomimetic bond and dental graphs
 Coatings on biomedical devices
ID number: 15038
Intel ectual Property Status: US provisional application 62/169,330.
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