Zwitterionic Hydrogels for the Sustained
Release of Therapeutic Agents
Gulsu Sener and Melissa D. Krebs
Summary: Compositions and methods to produce zwitterionic hydrogels for the sustained
release of therapeutic agents.
Description: Hydrogels have been considered as promising materials for the controlled delivery
of macromolecular therapeutics such as proteins, peptides and genes, due to their good
biocompatibility and tunable mechanical and chemical properties. However, their high water
content generally results in a rapid release of therapeutics with a large burst release, which not
only decreases the efficiency of the therapy but also can cause serious side effects due to the
sudden increase of drug concentration in the blood. In addition, efficient loading of
macromolecular therapeutics to the hydrogels is challenging since they are released during
hydrogel washing steps. Disclosed herein are compositions and methods to produce zwitterionic
hydrogels that overcome several limitations associated with the application of sustained drug
delivery. For example, these hydrogel compositions demonstrate high loading efficiencies and
sustained release profiles with little to no burst release.
Main Advantages of this Invention
 High loading efficiencies. Up to 80%
loading efficiencies obtained.

Sustained release of 4 months with little
to no burst release
Potential Areas of Application
 Biotechnology
 Pharmaceuticals
 Ophthalmology
 Therapeutic contact lens and lens case
ID number: 16044
Cumulative release of BSA
Intel ectual Property Status: US provisional patent 62/314,156 filed March 16, 2016.
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