Increased Lipid Accumulation and Carbohydrate Synthesis in
Strains of Microalgae
Randor Radakovitz, Robert Jinkerson, Victoria H. Work, Jonathan E. Meuser,
and Matthew C. Posewitz
Summary: Modified microalgae that produce high levels of lipids and starch
Description: In this invention we report methods by which various strains of microalgae are
manipulated. From these manipulations, the microalgae can be made to: 1) overproduce two
principal building blocks for biofuels feedstocks, starch, and TAG; 2) overaccumulate lipids; or 3)
accumulate significantly higher levels of both lipids and starch, while the cells are dividing. The
methods lead to attenuated rates of photosynthesis and acetate uptake. The overall effect is a
dramatic carbon production accumulation.
Main Advantages of this Invention
 Ability to increase starch production in
specific algae strain by tenfold
 Significant increases in other carbon
 Manipulations are simple to perform
Potential Areas of Application
 Biofuels production
 Use of algae as food stocks
Lipid quantified per milliliter of culture for a control
ID number: 11020
algae (CC124) and modified algae
Intel ectual Property Status: US utility patent pending (application #13/430,383)
Publications: V.H. Work et al., Eukaryotic Cell, 2010, 9, 1251-1261. (Available upon request.)
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