Alumina-Rich Glasses
Ivar E. Reimanis and Ivan A. Cornejo
Summary: A low-temperature method for making aluminum rich glasses that have high
chemical durability and mechanical properties close that are to sapphire single crystals
Description: Thin glass panels have a variety of applications in consumer electronic devices, and
as these technologies progress, there will be a need to create thinner glasses to reduce the
devise weight and thickness. For this to occur, the glass will need to be intrinsically strong,
scratch resistant, and chemically stable, while also remaining low in cost. In this invention, a
new families of glasses that have high levels of alumina in their structure (>50 mol%) are
produced. The method to produce these glasses occurs at low-temperatures (<1700 C) and
does not require a secondary strengthening process. The glass compositions have high chemical
durability and mechanical properties that are close to sapphire single crystals.
Main Advantages of this Invention
 No post strengthening necessary
 Thinness is maintained with high strength
 No increase in manufacturing costs and no need
to retrofit
Potential Areas of Application
 Displays (TVs, tablets, computers, cell phones)
 Packaging
 Safety glass
Intel ectual Property Status: US utility patent pending
(application #14/283,510)
SEM micrograph of the fracture
ID number: 13027
surface for NAB006
Opportunity: We are seeking an exclusive or non-exclusive licensee for marketing,
manufacturing, and sale of this technology.
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