Scoring and Shape Reconstruction of
Antlers from Two-Dimensional Images
Jiayi Liu and Bill Hoff
Summary: A method to reconstruct three-dimensional shapes of antlers from two-dimensional
Description: A method to reconstruct three dimensional (3D) shapes of objects from two
dimensional (2D) images, for the purpose of estimating 3D measurements has been developed.
The specific objects of interest are antlers and horns of animals, such as deer, elk, and moose.
The method also estimates a score for the antlers based on the 3D shape measurements.
Currently, the process of measuring and scoring sporting trophies by hand is very labor
intensive and requires someone trained in the process. The proposed method differs from
other methods in that it reconstructs a true 3D model from images that hunters take of their
trophy with any standard digital camera, such as the camera on a cell phone. The resulting 3D
model can also be exported to a format (e.g., STL) and can be printed on a 3D printer.
Main Advantages of this Invention
Potential Areas of Application
 Cost savings
 Sporting Trophies
 Ease of Use
 Wildlife Services
 Quick
ID number: 15037
Intel ectual Property Status: US Utility patent pending (application 62/145,738)
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this technology.
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