Coupled Thermally-Enhanced Bioremediation
and Renewable Energy Storage System
Ali Moradi, Jonathan O. Sharp, and Kathleen M. Smits
Summary: A method of treating contaminated soil using an in-situ thermally enhanced
bioremediation system coupled to a subsurface renewable energy storage system.
Description: Thermally enhanced bioremediation has been previously used in a variety of
environmental remediation scenarios, using existing methods to apply heat to the
contaminated zone. Although existing methods are capable of producing ample heat for
remediation enhancement, some of these methods demand high amounts of energy, making
them very expensive. Renewable energy options have been proposed to address the high
energy costs associated with this method; however, one limitation is the intermittency of the
renewable energy supply. This invention presents a method treat contaminated soil using an in-
situ thermally enhanced bioremediation system that is coupled to a subsurface renewable
energy storage system. This method involves first treating contaminated soil using in-situ
thermally enhanced bioremediation; the thermal system is powered by renewable energy and
coupled with a long-term energy storage system for follow on energy requirements after
remediation is achieved.
Main Advantages of this Invention:
 Ability to store energy during peak times and
supply energy during off-peak times.
 Lowers the cost associated with treating
contaminated soil
 After remediation goals are achieved, the
thermal system can be used to store energy
as heat for other uses.
Potential Areas of Application:
 Treatment of petroleum-contaminated soil
ID number: 16027
Intel ectual Property Status: US provisional patent filed June 22, 2016
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