Use of a Rocking Rig for Flow Assurance Testing
Incorporated Multiphase Flow
Amadeu K. Sum
Summary: A simple and low-cost method for measuring flow assurance issues.
Description: This invention is of a rocking rig for flow assurance testing of hydrates, wax,
asphaltenes, scale, corrosion, and sand transport. Measurements are made under pseudo-flow
conditions that are typically found in production flowlines, such as stratified flow, stratified wavy
flow, slug flow, and dispersed bubble flow. The device is compact and inexpensive to build and
to operate, unlike flowloop systems which are the only reliable testing rig with proper flow
conditions. The rocking rig can easily be used for testing of chemicals (anti-agglomerants and
kinetic inhibitors) for hydrate management, for accessing the wax deposition of crude oil, for
testing of scale precipitation, and for testing of sand transport. Each of these flow assurance
issues can be tested separated or combined.
Main Advantages of this Invention
 Low-cost, simple, and compact design
 Flow assurance issues can be tested
separated or combined
 Can be used for testing of steady state or
transient conditions typically
encountered in flow assurance
Potential Areas of Application
 Oil and Gas
 Chemical Companies
ID number: 16038
Rocking Rig with colored oil and water.
Intel ectual Property Status: US provisional
patent 62/314,156 filed March 16, 2016.
Opportunity: We are seeking an exclusive or non-exclusive licensee for implementation of this
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