Solar Thermoelectric Generator
Lauryn L Baranowski, Emily L. Warren, and Eric S. Toberer
Summary: A novel design for solar thermoelectric generators with improved efficiencies
Description: Solar thermoelectric generators are solid state heat engines that generate
electricity from concentrated sunlight. Concentrated sunlight can be used to achieve
extremely high temperatures, which improves the generator efficiency. However, a
complication is that the solar absorber also emits a significant amount of black body
radiation, and this emitted light is the dominant loss mechanism in these generators. In
this invention we propose a solution to this problem that eliminates virtual y al of the
loss due to black body radiation. This enables solar thermoelectric generators to operate
at higher efficiencies and with lower levels of optical concentration. The solution is
suitable for both single and duel axis solar thermoelectric generators.
Main Advantages of this Invention
 Reduces losses due to black body radiation
 Can operate using lower levels of optical
Potential Areas of Application
 Solar-electric companies
 Green energy
ID number: 8004
Intel ectual Property Status: US patent pending
(application # 14/190,064)
Opportunity: We are seeking an exclusive or non-exclusive licensee for marketing,
manufacturing, and sale of this technology.
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