Integrated Single Grating Compressor for Variable Pulse Front Tilt in
Simultaneously Spatial y and Temporal y Focused Systems
Erica Block and Jeffery Squier
Summary: A multipass chirped pulse amplification system for simultaneous spatially and
temporal focusing
Description: A Ti:Al3O2 multipass chirped pulse amplification system is outfitted with a single
grating, simultaneous spatially and temporal focusing compressor platform. This novel design
has the ability to easily vary the beam aspect ratio of a spatially and temporal focusing beam, and
thus the degree of pulse front tilt at focus, while maintaining a net zero-dispersion system.
Accessible variation of pulse front-tilt gives the full spatio-temporal control over the intensity
distribution at the focus. Variation of the pulse front tilt provides another degree of freedom for
materials modification based on scan direction.
Main Advantages of this Invention
 Allows for smooth variation of pulse
front tilt
 Easy to apply and has the potential
for automation
Potential Areas of Application
 Nonreciprocal writing
 Micromachining
ID number: 15012
Intel ectual Property Status: US Pat. Appl.
No. 14/968,633
Opportunity: We are seeking an exclusive or non-exclusive licensee for marketing,
manufacturing, and sale of this technology.
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