Monitoring of Drinking Water Aquifers during Possible
Contamination Operations
Al an K. Haas and Andre Revil
Summary: A method to monitor the integrity of water aquifers
Description: A method and system for monitoring the integrity of water aquifers is
provided. The method and system general y monitors the aquifer for subsurface
fractures, fluid intrusion, or water contamination. The method can be used before,
during, and after contaminating operations to monitor the effect of the hydraulic
fracturing operations on the aquifer. The method and system may be applied to al types
of wel s including, pumping and injection wel s for drinking water, carbon sequestration
injection, produced waters reinjection, waste fluid injection wel for disposal,
environmental contamination treatment wel s, oil wel s, and/or gas wel s.
Main Advantages of this Invention:
 Reports can be used for legal and state regulatory purposes
Potential Areas of Application:
 Oil and Gas
 Geothermal
 Environmental Protection
 Wel Maintenance
ID number: 12019
Intel ectual Property Status: US utility patent pending (application 13/197,810)
Opportunity: We are seeking an exclusive or non-exclusive licensee for marketing,
manufacturing, and sale of this technology.
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