System and Method to Create Osmotic Saltwater
Intrusion Barrier
Amy E. Childress and Tzahi Y. Cath
Summary: A method to eliminate or reduce or salt water encroachment into fresh water
Description: In many coastal areas seawater intrusion occurs when fresh water is withdrawn
from aquifers faster than it can be recharged with fresh water. Saltwater intrusion adversely
affects the quality of groundwater at the pumping well sites and at undeveloped parts of the
aquifer. Intrusion barriers are created by injecting reclaimed or fresh water into the aquifer. As
an alternative to current reclamation methods, an on-site, low-energy treatment of impaired
water has been developed using the osmotic pressure of the saline groundwater. In this
process the diluted brine is used as the feed stream to the intrusion barrier.
Main Advantages of this Invention
 Fewer treatment steps than current
treatment methods
 Requires less energy than current
treatment methods
Potential Areas of Application
 Water and wastewater treatment
ID Number: 9010
Intel ectual Property Status: US utility patent pending (application #10/282,656)
Opportunity: We are seeking an exclusive or non-exclusive licensee for the implementation of
this technology.
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