Colorado School of Mines
Room Selection Guide
Residence Life @ Mines

Step 1-Log back into the Housing Portal through Go to the
Room Selection Page. You may enter the portal at the time you were given or
anytime before June 24th @ Noon. The Main Room Selection Page is below.

Step 2-Read the main Room Selection page. Click
on the Room Search Wizard link in the upper right
hand corner.

Step 3-Building Selection Page. Select the building you desire
to live. Please note that not al buildings wil be available to al
students based on availability and special profiles(Theme
Learning Communities, Gender Inclusive Housing, etc.)

Step 4-Select Floor .Again, some floors wil initial y show availability based on gender.
Not all floors are available to all students due to special profiles(Theme Learning
Communities, etc.)
Select the floor you would like and then press “Save & Continue”.

Step 5-Select Room- You may view the location of each of the floors by clicking on the magnifying
class to the right of each room. Another subpage wil appear that shows you the room location on the
floor and the profile of those living on the floor. You pay zoom in & out along with moving around the
picture to see the entire floor by using the arrows and +/-.
Once you select a room, Click Save & Continue at the bottom of the page.

Step 6-Select Bed for you and your roommate(optional). IMPORTANT-If you do not
choose a bed for your confirmed roommate, that roommate wil not be placed in
your room. Communicate with your confirmed roommate on the room selection
process. There might come a time in the selection process that occupancy wil not
allow everyone to be in the same room as their confirmed roommate. We will do
our best to accommodate but no guarantees.
This is your #1 confirmed
roommate and you must
reserve this bed for them
to guarantee placement,
if a bed is available in that
You must click
Reserve Beds at the
bottom of the page.

FINAL STEP-Click Save and Continue on the Main
Page with the confirmation of your Building, Floor,
Room, Roommate, etc. On the application status
page you should see a similar type status.
Congratulations you are done with your room
selection process!