Excused Absence Form – Authorized Activity
Colorado School of Mines

This form should be completed by any student that needs to be excused from classes as the student is
representing the School in an authorized activity related to a club or academic endeavor (academic
competitions, student professional society conferences, club sport competition, program-sponsored
competitions, etc.). The form should be completed and submitted to the Student Life Office (Student Center,
suite E240), or emailed to aomofoma@mines.edu, at least three weeks in advance of the absence.

Student Information:
IMPORTANT: If more than one student is involved, please attach a list to this form with names and CWID #s of all students
that will need to be excused.

Student Name:


Phone Number:


Excused Absence Information:

Date(s) of the planned absence:

Reason for the excused absence:

Validation Information:
This activity needs the approval of a Mines faculty or staff member in order to qualify as an approved activity.
Please provide information on this individual and have him/her sign this form as approval of the activity.


Phone number:

E-mail address:

Campus Department:

Student Signature: