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Verification of 2015 Income Information for Student Nontax Filers

Student: ____________________________________ Campus Wide I.D.#:____________________

The instructions and certifications below apply to the student and spouse, if the student is married. Complete
this section if the student and spouse will not file and are not required to file a 2015 income tax return with the

Check the box that applies:

The student (and spouse if married) was not employed and had no income earned from work in 2015.

The student (and/or spouse if married) was employed in 2015 and have listed below the names of all
employers, the amount earned from each employer in 2015, and whether an IRS W-2 form is provided. It
is required to provide copies of all 2015 IRS W-2 forms issued to the student and spouse by their
employers. List every employer even if the employer did not issue an IRS W-2 form. Please submit the
form once all W-2s have been collected and the form has been completed.

If more space is needed, provide a separate page with the student’s name and ID number at the top.

Employer’s Name
2015 Amount
IRS W-2 Provided? If not, please explain.
Al’s Auto Body Shop (example)

By signing below, I(we) certify that all the information reported on this worksheet is complete and correct. WARNING: If
you purposely give false or misleading information on this worksheet, you may be fined, be sentenced to jail, or



Spouse (if married) ___________________________