Colorado School of Mines
2016-2017 Student Employee of the Year Nomination
Deadline: February 17, 2017 at 5pm
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Nominee must meet the eligibility requirements below:
• Enrolled in at least 9 credit hours and in good academic and financial aid standing
• An undergraduate student
Please exclude the use of the nominee’s name in your statement as the nominees will be judged
anonymously by an independent panel.
Please complete and submit the following form. Nominations will be judged on the following
characteristics: reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism, and the uniqueness of the student’s
contribution to the employer.
• Attributes: Provide an example that demonstrates the nominees’ greatest attributes and how these
attributes enhance their contributions to the position.
• Expectations: Provide an example of how the nominee goes above and beyond the expectations
listed in their job description.
• Leadership/Style:
Leadership - Provide an example of how the nominee’s leadership skills, initiative or
style helped to improve how your office functions.
Style – Describe the quality of the nominee’s work style and how their style of work is
well suited for your department.
• Impact: Provide an example of the positive impact the nominee has had to your department,
campus or community.
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Nominee’s Job Title and Brief Job Description (100 word limit):
In the space provided below, please provide examples of the nominee’s reliability, quality of
work, initiative, professionalism and uniqueness of contribution. (350 word limit for each
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