2016-2017 CSM Student Employee Evaluation
Keep this form for your records. DO NOT return to Financial Aid or HR.
Spring increases for hourly students are entered via the Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) Student
Hourly Performance Pay Increase. Instructions can be found at the fol owing link:
To be effective January 2017, please submit the electronic form by 12/31/2016.
If the student is no longer working in your department, please send an email to student.contracts@mines.edu
with the last date of employment. If a student’s contract expires at the end of fall, HR wil need a new contract
for the spring term.
Student Name______________________________
Current Pay Rate ___________
NEW PAY RATE ___________
Please complete the fol owing for each of your student employees; exercising care and fairness.
5=exceeds expectations 4=meets and sometimes exceeds expectations 3=satisfactory,
2=needs improvement 1=fails to meet expectations
Evaluation Criteria
Quality of Work
Ability to complete tasks with accuracy and thoroughness
Self-starter; does work on his/her own
Work Ethic
Exercises honesty; integrity, and confidentiality when necessary
Ability to make decisions; seeks advice when necessary
Demonstrates punctuality and reliability in attendance
Wil ingly accepts responsibility; meets deadlines, etc.
Demonstrates effective written and oral communication skil s
Cooperates; works wel with others; willing to perform job tasks
Job Knowledge/Skills
Demonstrates growth in familiarity of job procedures
Student Signature___________________________________________________ Date________________
Supervisor Signature_________________________________________________ Date________________