Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

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Your appeal will be reviewed upon submission of a completed and signed appeal request, with all supporting
documentation attached. If your appeal request is incomplete, the appeal decision will be delayed and/or the
request will be denied. Please review the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy on the web at

Reason for Appeal: (Please check all that apply)

1. Unsatisfactory GPA (See SAP policy for clarification)

2. Failure to maintain completion rate (See SAP policy for clarification)

3. Exceeded the length of financial aid eligibility (attempted more than 150% of total hours needed to
complete program)

4.____ Failure to complete required number of hours (scholarship appeals)

Your appeal must be in the form of a written statement including the following:

 Outline the circumstances that prevented you from meeting the standards of satisfactory academic
 Explain what has changed in your situation so you can now succeed.
 Attach additional documentation for extenuating circumstances which may include:
o Birth/death certificates, obituaries, funeral programs
o Medical records that corroborate illness and length of recuperation
o Court documents
o Statements from physicians, counselors
 Submit a copy of a degree audit signed by your academic advisor if you have exceeded the length of
financial aid eligibility.

If your appeal references sexual misconduct or protected class discrimination or harassment, the Financial Aid
Office is required to report allegations of this nature to the Title IX and Equity Compliance office in addition to
considering your appeal on these grounds.

If your appeal is approved you may be required to complete an academic plan to maintain good satisfactory
progress with the Financial Aid Office. An email will be sent to your Mines email address with the outcome of your

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Return this form and required documentation to the Mines Financial Aid Office
Ben Parker Student Center, Golden, CO 80401
Phone: (303) 273-3301 or 888-446-9489  Fax (303) 384-2252