STEP 1 – Accept Loans on Trailhead
 Log into your Trailhead account at
 Click on the Self Service icon located in the upper right hand corner.
 Go to the financial aid section and click on Award.
 Select Award for Aid Year. Click on the submit button for the appropriate
aid year.
 View the offered Direct Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Loan amount; then
accept all or part of the award. The amount you choose will be split, with
half disbursed each term.
 This step will be required at the start of each academic year.
Before logging out of Self Service, check the remainder of your Student
Requirements to see what documents or information may still be needed to
complete your file.
STEP 2 – Complete Loan Entrance Counseling
 Log into using your FAFSA PIN.
 Click the Complete Counseling link from the menu.
 Click on the Entrance Counseling link to begin the process.
 We will be informed electronically that you have completed this process.
 Move to Step 3 before logging out of
STEP 3 – Master Promissory Note
 You will complete the master promissory note after completing the
entrance counseling requirement.
 You will need full names and addresses for two individuals you would like
to list as “references”. The individuals you list should be someone who will
know your contact information once you go into repayment on your loans
such as parents or other family members.