Willie Staudt
Wilfried Staudt is the Director, Water & Biodiversity in ConocoPhillips’ corporate
Sustainable Development team. He is a sustainable development, water and
biodiversity specialist with a Ph.D. degree in Geochemistry and has over 20 years
experience and a multi-disciplinary background in emerging environmental issues
management, strategic planning, environmental impact assessment, environmental
human health & ecological risk assessment, research & development and multi-
stakeholder collaboration.
As Director Water & Biodiversity, Dr. Staudt is responsible for integrating sustainability concepts, particularly
related to water management and biodiversity, into business processes and long-term planning strategies for
ConocoPhillips’s global asset portfolio.
Current responsibilities include:

• Lead the global water and biodiversity expert working groups and knowledge-sharing networks;
• Provide global operations with strategic oversight and consultation on water and biodiversity issue
management, long term sustainability strategies and risk assessment;
• Lead the development of internal and external communications and public policy materials;
• Represent ConocoPhillips at external organizations and public forums; and
• Lead process integration of all water and biodiversity tools.