gxlc and gxlc++ utilities - Option mappings for XL C and XL C/C++ for
AIX, V12.1
XL C/C++ for AIX
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XL C and XL C/C++ provides the gxlc and gxlc++ utilities to map many GCC
compiler options to their XL C and XL C/C++ counterparts. Mappings
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currently recognized by XL C and XL C/C++ are listed in this document.
The gxlc and gxlc++ utilities accept GNU C or C++ compiler options and
translate them into comparable XL C or XL C/C++ options. Both utilities use
the resulting XL C or XL C/C++ options to create an xlc or xlc++ invocation
command, which they then use to invoke the compiler.
These utilities are provided to help you reuse make files created for
applications previously developed with GNU C/C++. However, to fully exploit
the capabilities of the compiler, we recommend that you use the standard XL C
or XL C/C++ invocation commands and their associated options.
The actions of gxlc and gxlc++ are controlled by the gxlc.cfg configuration
file. The GNU C/C++ options that have an XL C or XL C++ counterpart are
shown in this file. Not every GNU option has a corresponding XL C or XL
C/C++ option, and gxlc and gxlc++ will return warnings for input options that
were not translated. You can modify the contents of the gxlc.cfg configuration
file to meet your specific compilation requirements.
The gxlc and gxlc++ utilities will accept the following GNU C/C++ options
and translate them to their corresponding XL C or XL C/C++ compiler options.
GCC option
Mapping to xlc or xlc++ option


-include file
-MF *
-MF *


--param ssp-buffer-size=N

-Xassembler option
-Xlinker option
-x assembler
-x assembler-with-cpp
-x c
-x c++
-x none

Starting from XL C/C++ V12.1 for AIX, gxlc passes the -
qlanglvl=referencecollapsing option to xlC by default for additional C++
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