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(Except for new Employees and current reserve permit holders)


Parking Permit Renewal Process for Fall 2017 Is Now Open

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Employees selecting General or Commuter parking must do so online, each year

Current employees with active RESERVED parking permits will automatically be renewed for the same reserved lot each year... No action is required!  If you are inactive in the parking database or your contract has not been renewed in Banner, your permit will not be issued automatically.  Please contact the parking office immediately.

New employees should report to the Parking Services office with their license plate number and vehicle information.  A parking permit will be issued directly from our office once your completed form is provided.


These instructions address most frequently asked questions, so be sure to read through them to the links at the bottom of each screen. Be sure your campus email account has been set up at least 3 days before attempting your purchase. If you have trouble making your purchase, please call the Parking Services office for assistance.

Please review the information below to reduce any potential difficulties.

  1. The first time logging in, you must follow the instructions to receive an email to access the site.
  2. Please use your @mines.edu email address to receive this email.
  3. An email will be sent instantly; if it is not, please contact the parking office.
  4. Follow the instructions for creating your password.
  5. Once logged in, select "GET PERMITS" and continue to follow the instructions.
  6. If you have a current permit, your vehicle information may already be in the system. 
  7. PLEASE make sure your license plate number is correct.
  8. To add a vehicle, you will need the license plate number, the state it was issued from, the make, model, and color.
  9. After making your permit selection, choose your desired form of payment from the drop down menu, i.e. "Payroll Deduction", then press "Pay Now" to complete the transaction.
  10. Do Not Select More than One Permit.
  11. If you had 2 permits last year, Parking Services will issue a 2nd permit for you again this year.
  12. A maximum of two (2) transferrable permits will be issued to faculty and staff.
  13. Motorcycles can be added at no additional charge but must be registered separately.
  14. If you had a Motorcycle permit last year, you will automatically be issued a MC permit this year.
  15. FACULTY & STAFF permits will be mailed to employees at the Department name provided in the campus directory for purchases made before July 24.

Permits requested AFTER JULY 21 should be picked up @ the Parking Services office. 

Enforcement of new permits begins each year on Aug 1.

After reviewing the Vehicle Operation and Parking Policy

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click HERE to purchase a permit.

If you currently have a reserved permit and would like to keep it, you will automatically be registered for Fall 2017 and DO NOT need to register again. If you would like to make any changes to a reserved permit, please contact the Parking Office. For those that have a reserved permit and decide to change to a different level of parking, please note that you will be put on a waitlist if wanting to return to a reserved lot.

If you would like a general or commuter permit please read the instructions above to begin the renewal process.  If you are logging in for the first time you will need to enter your Mines email and a link will be sent immediately to help you create a password for this site. With the limited number of reserved spaces available for faculty and staff, waitlists are managed for each lot. For those that currently have a general permit, commuter permit or would like to change to a different reserved lot, please add or edit your waitlist options. 

Campus employees will receive their new permits in campus mail before August 1, based on when your request was received.  If your request is made after July 21, please pick up your new permit at the parking office. New permits must be installed on your vehicle by August 1, 2017, which is enforced.  Employees not receiving a regular paycheck through Mines payroll system should expect to pay for the permit in full and pick up their permit(s) at the Parking office.  Although faculty and staff may be issued multiple permits, please keep in mind that only one of your permits is allowed on-campus at a time and this will be strictly enforced.

If purchasing a permit, a mandatory payroll deduction will be required with the option for pre-tax or post-tax. It is assumed that pre-tax is the preferred option; however if you prefer the post-tax option and have not requested this change before, send an email request to Nan Braddock (nbraddoc@mines.edu) prior to August 1. Note: pre-tax and post-tax options have withholding and PERA impacts, please consult Human Resources and Payroll with questions or concerns.

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