Advisor/Thesis Committee

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Advisor/Thesis Committee

The Advisor/Thesis Committee Request Form initiates a request from a student to appoint, or change, their Advisor and Thesis Committee.

Master's non-thesis only need to submit  a Master's Non-Thesis Advisor Change / Minor Rep form if changing advisors or if adding a Minor Representative.

All Master's thesis students must submit a Master's Thesis Advisor / Thesis Committee form.

All PhD students must submit a PhD Advisor / Thesis Committee form.

Before submitting this form, please make sure your advisor/committee members meet the Advisor / Committee Requirements

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, or see the Catalog.

To make this request:

  • Download the appropriate form for your degree
  • Complete, print out and sign the form

For initial advisor/committee requests:

  • Obtain signatures from:
    • Your advisor
    • All Committee members
    • Department head/division director

For advisor/committee changes:

  • Obtain signatures from:
    • Your advisor
    • New Committee members
    • Any member who is being removed from the committee
    • Department head/division director
  • For advisor/committee changes, you do not need to obtain signatures from:
    • Any committee member who signed the initial request. and is remaining on the committe.
      • Please type the name of any member who is remaining on the committee 

Submit the signed copy to the Office of Graduate Studies for approval.

This form must be submitted and approved prior to submitting your Degree Audit and Admission to Candidacy form.


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